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Yoyo Santos

Mr. Santos is a Cyber Security Professional with more than fifteen years of experience developing information security policies and procedures, conducting information security audits, network security audits as well as digital forensics. I am an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Trainer.

With more than 10 years of experience in Cisco Technologies and technical certifications including CCNA , CCNA Security ,CCNP and CCSA, I extend my knowledge to my clients and help them to setup and manage their network and security infrastructure.

I am currently employed with Software major and handling its North America Network and Security OperationsDeploying and Troubleshooting Cisco devices like Routers (1800,2800,3800,7200),Switches 2960,3560,3750,4506 , Nexus 2000 ,5000,7000 , Cisco ASA(5500X series ),Checkpoint ,Sonicwall , Fortinet FIrewalls, in medium to large enterprise customer is my core competency.

Retired Major Forrest C. Williams

Major Williams is a graduate of the Department of Defense's Cyber Crime Centers, Cyber Investigations Training Academy and a credentialed Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations(AFOSI). Prior to this assignment, he served as the Commander, Operation Location Charlie, AFOSI 3rd Field Investigations Squadron, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. He commanded and managed specialized investigative support of polygraph, technical services, investigation operation consultations, vulnerability assessments and forensic sciences in the central time zone of the United States covering 15 AFOSI units. As a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Maj Williams supervised and conducted felony level criminal, counterintelligence and fraud investigations. He has also led combat enabling special tactics, tactical counter-intelligence collection, and high value target capture operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Arabian Peninsula.

Daniel Petit

I graduated Y.U with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Security and Assurance. For the past three years I’ve worked as a Penetration Tester, Auditor and I’ve been conducting training courses, workshops and seminars with Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers (IEEE) committee’s computer society at my local university.

As for my skills here’s a summary of them:

•Penetration Testing.

•Forensic Investigations.

•Vulnerability Assessment.

•Network Architecture & Configuration Reviews.

•Wireless Networks Security Assessments.

•Industrial Control Systems Reviews.

Pushpendra Yadav

Pushpendra Yadav is a linux sysadmin and have worked in a web hosting company for more than eight years and now doing a full-time sysadmin consulting. I handle servers from co-locations/data centers to different vps and cloud hosting providers such as Rackspace, Amazon, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Softlayer. I managed mostly lamp-stack servers on CentOS/RHEL and Debian/Ubuntu and several cPanel/WHM servers for shared hosting clients.

Pushpendra Yadav has designed and deployed mid to large scale highly scalable, fault tolerant, automated and secure IT infrastructures using cutting edge complex technologies such as cloud computing, aws/ec2, NoSQL databases, hadoop, load balancers, chef/puppet configuration management systems, varnish cache, nginx/apache web servers, solr search and indexing, virtualization, LAMP and python frameworks, RoR etc.

Cory McCombs

Corey McCombs, is a former Aviation Electronic Technician for the United State Navy. He severed four years during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. After serving his country proudly, and honorably he advanced his knowledge in a multitude of operating systems, networking systems, databases as well as a myriad of hardware and software. His knowledge and ambition allowed him to partner with major companies such as Chemical Bank, Chase Bank, NYSE, Intercontinental Exchange, and AT&T.

Eric D. Echols

Mr. Echols is the Sr. Investigator of TFP Company, LLC. As a veteran Marine of the Marine Security Force, he was trained to always protect and serve. Once he completed his enlisted years with the Marines, he began his career as a licensed private investigator, specializing in loss prevention and security.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the securities industry. He worked with several Fortune 500 companies as a Trainer, Manager, Regional Investigator, Regional Loss Prevention Director, Divisional Vice President, and Director of Loss Prevention. Mr. Echols’ interview and interrogation expertise in retail, criminal and civil investigations, employee theft, premises liability, and security negligence makes him one of the best in the field of private investigations.

Mr. Echols has lectured and conducted trainings throughout the country and is a published author of "The Echols Files: Catoosa County Justice". He has also published articles on topics related to premises liability, conducting dishonest interviews, security management, and how to incorporate security into your loss prevention department.

Mr. Echols is currently a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI), a Georgia licensed Private Investigator a Georgia licensed Private Investigator Instructor and Firearms Trainer, as well as, a Georgia Certified Process Server. He currently serves on the board of American InterContinental University's' (AIU) Criminal Justice Program, Advisory Board Member and Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers – Board Member Director.

Gregory Evans is among the top 5 most recognized cyber security experts in the world.

The following statement should say it all! There has never been another computer security expert and/or computer hacker that has been an expert on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, History Channel, CBS News, NBC News, CNBC, Anderson Cooper Day Time TV Show, Entertainment Tonight, US Weekly Magazine or has been viewed or heard by 20 million people in one year in the history of computer security, until Gregory Evans.

Gregory Evans is described as an “Innovator,” “Leader,” “Visionary”. Those are just a few of the terms that describe Gregory D. Evans, and the extraordinary range of talents and expertise that distinguish this multi-faceted author and cyber-security expert.Gregory Evans is a man driven by two passions: technology and community, and he has made it his mission to use the former to serve the latter.

For a full bio on Gregory Evans click here.


  • Walden University – EdD in Education Technology
  • Capella University – MS in Information Security Systems
  • Mercer University – BS in Information Technology
  • Georgia Military College – AS in Criminal Justice
  • Proficient in Mobile Applications, Computer Network, Access Reporting, C# Programming, Comp 1000, PeopleSoft, C++, MS Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Small Basic, VB, java, Oracle, WebCT, Blackboard, and Adobe Suites.


  • Adjunct Faculty (September, 2007-Present)
  • Atlanta Technical College
  • Teach a diverse group of nontraditional students, identifying different learning styles and meeting learning outcomes.
  • Participate in school retention initiatives by providing regular, accurate, and timely feedback to students and the school concerning academics, behavior, attendance, etc.
  • Recognized by lead faculty in the Computer Technology Department as being dedicated to students, willing to assist student development and “one of the most liked Technology teachers” on campus.
  • Motivate students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process.
  • Complete professional development and in-service activities in accordance with college standards.
  • Incorporate and educate nontraditional students in SQL Background, Access Reporting, and development.
  • Design and deliver classroom materials such as the syllabus and learning materials.
  • Participate in Education Department meetings and continuing teacher education classes to further develop as a facilitator.
  • Teach material from approved curriculum and develops daily lesson plans to include instructional aids.

Adjunct Professor - Macon State College

  • Develop educational technology curriculum for delivery of classroom and online
  • coursework. Instruct online students in the grammar and writing skills necessary for success at the university level.
  • Design and deliver curriculum for online coursework, main newsgroups, online lectures, and learning teams.
  • Attend regular faculty meetings and continuing education opportunities including Learning Teams Workshop, Plagiarism Workshop, and Grading Evaluation and Feedback class.
  • Maintain expertise in subject area and recommends improvements in curriculum design.
  • Incorporate and educate nontraditional students in SQL Background, Access Reporting, development.
  • Research new and innovative applications and theories on technology.
  • Inspire students to integrate technology into daily classroom activities.
  • Restructure student attitudes regarding purpose and use of technology in classroom.
  • Plan and implement special university events with the proper coordination along with officials and community representatives.

Adjunct Instructor (December 2009-August 2016)

ITT Technical Institute

  • Develop and teach a full range of introduction to information systems, application software suites, computer science, web design and implementation, computer privacy and ethics.
  • Develop lesson plans and achieve cross-level customization of material and presentation.
  • Manage classroom of 80 students in an adult setting. Instruct students in laboratory safety procedures if applicable.
  • Perform duties in the Learning Resource Center as assigned.
  • Participate in core course academic support programs, certification programs, and student professional associations.
  • Utilize multiple methods of teaching to capture different learning styles and ensure student success.
  • Work with traditional and nontraditional college age students in a classroom Setting.

Wal-mart Stores

  • Advise Management staff on the fiscal aspects of protecting and managing the safety of stores.
  • Oversee the implementation of associates and managers on how to follow asset protection procedures. Navigated program development practices, procedures, budgets, training, marketing, and evaluations for various programmatic offices designed to address areas such as management systems, training activities, education, therapeutic counseling, family dynamics, geriatric concerns.
  • Recommend and implement plans for deterrence and detention of shoplifting, accidents, and loss. Review available data to monitor asset protection processes and make recommendations to address deficiencies.
  • Coordinate controversial, unconventional, criminal case related matters between and among Federal, State, and City agencies to address criminal, civil, and internal investigations.
  • Perform and compile credit card chargeback data in report format to identify and evaluate transaction level losses.
  • Proficient use of CCTV media devices to include 24 hour VCR multiplexer and digital video editing.

IT Specialist - Mercer University

  • Incorporate and educate nontraditional students in SQL Background, Access Reporting, development.
  • Coordinated the scheduling of 300+ required educational experiences for Continuing Education students and staff with emphasis and concentration in Microsoft Suites.
  • Utilized Blackboard and WebCT to facilitate web page development for course design and enhance its content by using flash, audio, and animation.
  • Manage IT and web projects with budgets up to $50 million across organizational teams of over 50 people.
  • Administer IT functions, software delivery processes, professional services, consulting and project management.
  • Manage methodologies that execute IT programs established for an organizational framework/oversight process.
  • Modify and maintain client websites, strong customer focus, and experience in internal consulting and customer account management.
  • Managed and maintained relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase), C++, VB, Java, data models Program .NET framework including C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET and stored procedures.
  • Develop, implement, integrate, and support application solutions such as rich client, web applications, and distribute systems.
  • Maintain A/V equipment for the standard up-keep at the regional centers and monitors the management, logging/tracking use of equipment, and equipment maintenance.
  • Develop web content for the university’s academic centers. Maintain the computerized database of individual preceptors and institutions participating in the experiential education program.
  • Incorporate and educate employees in SQL Background, Access Reporting, development.
  • Responded to inquires and requests for information, data, and analyses. Coordinated with Legal Department, Procurement Office, Accounting Department, etc. to review &/or revise project/programmatic issues.
  • Served as the primary point of contact and conduit regarding the overall strategy and operation of parts for clients throughout the US and abroad.
  • Collaborated with major fortune 500 companies, small businesses, & government entities to link the ADP with international markets.
  • Responsible for membership recruitment, corporate development, marketing, sales, promotion, advertising, & moderate fund raising activities.

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