Board Of Advisors

National Cyber Security University is comprised of experienced professionals with backgrounds in security, finance, business and marketing. Our Team is not made up of bookworms who's only experience is what they learned in a classroom, but have "been there and done that." This includes ex-military, private investigators, ex-computer hackers, ex-law enforcement, federal law enforcement, attorneys, and fraud investigators.

  • William Forest | Retired Major United States Air Force in Counter Intelligence and Fraud Investigations.
  • Amber Perymon | Psy.D.| Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Background in psychological content analyses and insider risk assessment.
  • Cory McCombs | Navy Veteran. IT Specialist with Chemical Bank, Chase Bank, AT&T Intercontinental Exchange and New York Stock Exchange
  • Warren Scheibe | Reserve police officer with San Bernadino Police for more than 20 years. Business owner for 30 years
  • Gregory Scott | Retired F.B.I. Agent. 
  • Ervin C. Owens | Founder/CEO, CABEL Foundation
  • M. Patrick Sharpton | Retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Army and former Operations Center Director for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and currently President and CEO of Sharp 10 Group
  • Eric Echols | Former Marine Corp. Military Police. Mr. Echols is a Georgia Private Investigator and Former Chapter Chair of Georgia Association of Private Investigators
  • Gregory Evans | Director of Hi-Tech Crime Solutions. Ex-Hacker
  • Tierre Van Meter | Former Technical writer for Lockheed Martin.