National Cyber Security University

"The Only University In The World, Where Cyber Crime Meets Entrepreneurship"

Cyber Crime reached $3 trillion in 2016. In 2015 it was $500 billion. The reason for this is likely because most cyber security experts are not hackers or capable of thinking like hackers and are therefore unable to think of the many different ways in which hackers can break into your network.

A mistake often made by CEO’s in nearly every industry is that they trust their IT department to protect them from computer hackers. What CEO’s often fail to understand is that it does not matter how educated your IT manager or CTO may be, it does not make them a hacker, or capable of thinking like a hacker. Unlike your accountant or your attorney, hacking is not something you learn in a classroom. Unlike other crimes, its existence has only been in the past 30 years, and education has not yet caught up with the crime. It takes an ethical hacker to think like a hacking criminal!

When most people hear the term “Cyber Crime” it is often equated with computer hackers. This is far from the truth. In 2016 Cyber Crime generated over $3 trillion. This was a combination of computer hacking, cyber bulling, cyber extortion, phishing scams, online dating scams, identity theft and industrial espionage just to name a few.

National Cyber Security University is Unique in Three Ways

1.We do not believe in “reinventing the wheel”. We offer unique courses that other Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools and other Computer Training Institutes do not provide.

2."Cyber Crime is Now More Profitable Than the Drug Trade," according to the news site, While other cyber crime training courses only teach how to hack networks or how to protect a network from being hacked, they often do not teach the business part of cyber security. This is where we like to say "Cyber Crime Meets Entrepreneurship." You will find that many of our courses teach you how to make money in the field of cyber security. We try to teach everyone who takes our courses how to become their own boss and not someone's employee.

3. NCSU believes that everyone should learn to at least be able to protect themselves from cyber crime, as well as protect others from becoming a victim. We have set up several scholarship funds available to those who qualify, including; but not limited to: veterans, high school students, survivors of domestic violence, immigrants, children from low income families, even Ex-Offender.