Cyber Security Awareness For Any Organization

2018 Cyber Security Awareness For Any Organization

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An Untrained Employee Can Be Your Weakest Link!


Hackers Don't Target The IT Manager, They Target The Untrained Employees.

If your company is like most, you’re spending an awful lot of your  information technology budget on security: security products to protect  your organization, security consultants to help you understand where  your weaknesses lie, and lawyers to sort out the inevitable mess when  something goes wrong. That approach can work, but it fails to consider  the weakest link in your security fence: your employees (FORTUNE, June 2016).


Customized Training


NCSU can tailor our training course to meet your organization's computer use policies. 

Who Is This Course For

Non-Profit Organizations

Certified Cyber Crime Consultant Graduates

Medical Facilities.

Educational Institutions

Companies w/ 1 to 5,000 Employees

City, State And Federal Governments



  • You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link!

Cyber Security Awareness Starts In The Home Not At The Office

  • How Secure Are You At Home
  • A Bad Relationship Can Lead....
  • Using Public Networks
  • Are Your Kids A Vulnerability
  • Taking Out Your Trash
  • New Habits Should Start Now
  • Chapter Quiz

Password Security


  • Choosing The Right Password
  • Lie, Lie & Lie – Never Tell the Truth When Answering Security Questions
  • Resetting Your Password
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Physical Security Breach
  • How Dangerous Is Your Email Password
  • Chapter Quiz

Understanding Safe Practices of Social Media at Work

  • Defining Social Media
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Be Aware Of...
  • Social Media Policies
  • Checking Your Personal Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Posts Monitored by Company
  • Mobile Devices & Social Media
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Consequences for Social Media Posts
  • Negative Comments Regarding Your Employer
  • Derogatory Remarks
  • Posting Company Information
  • Social Media Use at Home
  • Divulging Personal Information at Your Own Risk
  • Evidence in Lawsuits
  • Companies Should Be Concerned About Social Media
  • Company - Intellectual Property
  • Company - Insider Information
  • Company - Business Related Contacts
  • Companies - Tracking Who May Have Released Confidential Information
  • Chapter Quiz

The Responsibility Of Your IT Department

  • Backup Data For Work From Employees
  • Email Etiquette
  • Secure Your Laptop Daily

Laptop, Cellphone And Tablet Security

  • Vulnerable Laptops
  • Lock It Up
  • Mounted Desk Security
  • Security Cameras
  • Laptop Cables And Locks
  • How To Secure Your Laptop Bag
  • Anti-Computer Forensics
  • Chapter Quiz

Social Engineering

  • How Hackers SPOOF Emails
  • How And Why Hackers SPOOF Telephone Calls
  • Social Engineering Attacks To Be Aware Of
  • Chapter Quiz

Malware Dangers

  • What Is Malware?
  • 10 Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware-Infected

Work Place Bullying

  • What Is Workplace Bullying?
  • Bullies vs. Cyber Bullies
  • Is Bullying In A Workplace A Big Deal?
  • Example Of Wordplace Bullying
  • How Employees Are Affected
  • The Workplace Affect Because Of Bullying
  • What To Do If Your Being Bullied
  • Tips On What To Do
  • Chapter Quiz

Benefits Of The Program


- Final Exams can be added before Certificate of Completion is issued.

- Certificate of Completion can be given to each employee.


Free support to all employees via discussion board, email and telephone support.

Stay Updated

Employees can retake this course up to 4 times a year to keep them up to date on the latest threats and information.

This Is A Private Course.

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About Your Instructor

NCSU  Instructors

NCSU Instructors

National Cyber Security University Team

This course is taught by National Cyber Security University Instructors.