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Certified Cyber Security Consultant

Get your certification as a "Certified Cyber Security Consultant" - This courses will teach anyone how to make money as a computer/cyber security consultant. | taught by NCSU Instructors

Course Description

Certified Cyber Security Consultant

Today, every major University, Community College and Trade School offers some type of cyber crime training as a degree or certificate. What is not taught is how to utilize the degree or certification as a consultant.  Most people think of computer security or cyber security experts as computer geeks, working in the basement of a government agency or corporation, protecting their networks from being hacked. That could not be further from the truth. There are numerous aspects of computer security and cyber security. The first steps in making money as a cyber security consultant involves gaining knowledge in almost every area of computer security, specifically: cyber security, website security, cyber blackmail, cyber extortion, cell phone security, social media security, corporate and personal security.  

Certified Cyber Security Consultant as created to educate and prepare individuals to enjoy a lucrative and prosperous career in the field of cyber security. Its professors have worked in the security field and educated students with various backgrounds including cyber security professionals from local, state and federal law enforcement, college students, even inner city high school students. 

Certified Cyber Security Consultant was originally designed and used to train FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshalls and many other federal law enforcement agencies. It has since been revamped to prepare students of any educational background to consult with various entities to resolve cyber security issues and extend preventative measures. This includes consulting with small businesses to large corporations, local, state and federal government, entertainers, athletes, law enforcement as well as individual consumers. 

National Cyber Security University's "Certified Cyber Security Consultant" Course Makes it Easy and Affordable to Gain the Knowledge Necessary to Be Recognized as A Top Consultant in the Cyber Security Industry.

There are 3 types of security experts:

1) The Cyber Security Guru. This is the person who knows almost everything about computer hacking, computer forensics and network security, but knows little to nothing about business or marketing. They typically do not have the people skills, communications skills or marketing skills to develop or maintain client relationships.

2) The Business Person. This individual has a basic understanding of business, as well as both people skills and marketing skills, but lacks the technical expertise that the computer security guru has.

3) The Cyber Security Entrepreneur. This person has cyber security knowledge, as well as a basic understanding of business, and marketing.

Certified Cyber Security Consultants have the knowledge necessary to successfully develop and market their expertise of cyber security.

Certified Cyber Security Consultants' Clientele Are Unlike The Typical

Cyber Security Expert's

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Most security experts work for large corporations, government agencies or even law enforcement. A Certified Cyber Security Consultant's (CSCC's) clientele will be a broad spectrum of individuals and entities from around the world and may include: professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, corporate executives, small businesses, parents, attorneys, private investigators and anyone who has a problem to solve and nowhere else to turn. 

Certified Cyber Security Consultants Are Not Hackers, They Are Problem Solvers

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The mission of a Certified Cyber Security Consultant is not to hack, but to solve their client's problems.  As a Certified Cyber Security Consultant you will receive request from around the world with clients having real life situation that a Cyber Security Expert with CEF, CISSP, CPT are not trained to do.  

As an example, take a look at the examples below.

Program Objectives

  • Effectively protect websites from being hacked. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional, ethical and legal issues as it relates to cyber crime. 
  • Effectively investigate cyber extortion and cyber blackmail cases. 
  • Articulate oral and written skills necessary to develop company security policies. 
  • Effectively assess employee risks. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform penetration tests. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how internet scams are committed and how to investigate them. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to assess any business, or government agency on their physical and network vulnerabilities. 
  • Utilize techniques to effectively profile a cyber criminal. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform basic cell phone and tablet computer forensics. 
  • How to teach parents about Online Child Safety.
  • Social Media investigation.
  • How to install and remove malware and viruses.
  • How to consult with entertainers, athletes, celebrities, small businesses, corporations and governments agencies.
  • How to start your own cyber security company.
  • How to market your skill sets.
  • How to build your own "Hacker For Hire" service legally. 
  • How to remove links from Google.


This course is taught both as a self-paced online course as well as in a classroom setting.

What is included in the course:

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Online assistance
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate as a Certified Cyber Security Consultant

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NCSU Instructors
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