How Your Clients Can Be Hacked

The top targets for blackmail and/or extortion are professional athletes and entertainers. In the public eye they are rich and famous. They are targets because it is perceived that they (especially athletes) cannot afford any type of bad publicity and would be willing to pay anything to not find themselves on TMZ.

15 Times NBA Players Claimed They Were Hacked

Ty Lawson's experience with hackers is more disturbing than anything. Rather than releasing private photos or using an account to make some outrageous statements, Lawson has claimed that hackers have held his personal information for ransom. That is a whole other level of danger than what else we'll see on this list.

In 2016 Ty Lawson reported that a hacker had accessed his computer, stole information, and was then extorting the Sacrament Kings' guard for a large sum of money.


Athletes and entertainers think about security as having a bodyguard, buying a gun, living in a gated community, having ADT alarm systems, security cameras or even pit bulls running around the yard. Thought is not often placed into the security of the internet that is connected to the computers, the security cameras, cell phones, the smart TV, the alarm systems, Xbox and any other connected devices. This CLE will educate attorneys on what they need to do to protect their clients and which laws govern the Entertainment & Sports Industry. 

As a sports and entertainment Publicist, your job at times can be more demanding than other  Publicist practicing in your arena. You are not just an Publicist, but a baby sister, father/mother, business advisor, spiritual advisor, or even a psychologist. The hardest part of it all, is when you have a client that does not listen to your advice and/or can be reckless.

Fact's that you should know:

  • If a hacker is able to connect to your client’s internet they can view all of the cameras in the home.
  • In 2006 a security company put out a press release about paparazzi hiring computer hackers.
  • Hired staff like the housekeepers, chefs, even the gardeners have planted hidden cameras and listening devices in the homes and cars of celebrities.
  • There was an alarm company in Los Angeles that installed an alarm system for a famous celebrity. The installer entered a secondary alarm code so that he and his friends could come back later and burglarize the home. 

What would you do?

  • If your client’s personal photos ended up on a website, How would could you have them removed?
  • If a person your client was dating has compromising pictures or videos of your client, and is demanding money to delete them, how can you be sure that there are no copies?

Here are some of the topics covered in this seminar:

  • How to protect your social media accounts.
  • How to recover a hacked social media account.
  • The most important things that you should have your clients do to protect themselves.
  • How to remove negative comments and pictures from the internet within 4 days.
  • How to make sure that your clients home network, cell phones, emails, computers and other devices cannot be hacked.
  • What you should know about having your clients home swept for listening devices and hidden cameras.
  • How to identify the vulnerability of your clients. 
  • Options available to you and your clients when there is an issue of blackmail or extortion, without it being leaked to the media.
  • When it is appropriate to run background checks on your clients, their family members, the men and women they date, the staff and any potential business partners.

This Seminar Includes

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    This is a 2 hour Seminar, which includes Q&A.

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    Receive 30 minutes of free consultation with Hi-Tech Crime Solutions on any hi-tech issues you may have, such as hacked social media accounts and/or removing articles on the website.

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    At the end of the seminar, you qualify for FREE to have National Cyber Security (sister company) monitor your computer 24/7 for hackers, ransomware and even locate your computer if it's ever lost or stolen.

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