National Cyber Security University

Certified Cyber Crime Consultant - Level 1

Get your certification as a "Certified Cyber Crime Consultant" - This course will teach anyone how to become a cyber crime consultant, focusing on investigating and protecting entities from various types of cyber related crime.


Certified White Hat Hacker

Get your certification as a "Certified White Hat Hacker" - This course teaches you how to become a hacker. You will use the same tools that hackers use to gain....


Certified Website Security Expert

Learn to make money by performing website security pentration testing.


Information Security Specialist

Get your certification as an "Information Security Specialist" - Information Security Specialists are in charge of developing and implementing security measures for their organization.


Computer And Mobile Forensics Investigations

Learn How To Become A Computer And Mobile Forensics Investigator


Making Viruses, Malware And Spyware 101

This course will teach anyone how to make viruses, spyware and malware, as well as how to detect viruses and remove them.

Cyber Security Awareness For Any Organization

Cyber Security Awareness Training For Any Organization.


Management of Information Security

Get your certification as a 'Information Security Manager." - Management of Information Security primarily focuses on the managerial aspects of information security, such as....


CLE: Identifying and Protecting Against Computer/Cell Phone Hacking Within a Personal and Business Relationship

This unique CLE is based on real life and real-time information where bitter spouses, and business partners have tried to use technology to spy on their spouses while going through a divorce or...


CLE: Cyber Security for Your Sports and Entertainment Clients

This is a Continuing Legal Education course for attorneys that focuses on Sports and Entertainment. The top targets for blackmail and/or extortion are professional athletes and entertainers.


CLE: Are You Hacker Proof?

CLE Credit: 2. (C4):10 | Did you know that 9 out of 10 law firms Can Be Hacked. This CLE will teach attorneys, how their law firms (large or small) can be hacked.


Continuing Legal Education Bundle

Receive a discount when you take all 3 CLE courses.

12 x $30.00

Second Chances

Life is not over after conviction. NCSU believes in Second Chances.


Investigating Sex Trafficking On The Internet

This course course teaches you what sex trafficing is, how people become victims, how the internet is used and how to investigate....

Law Enforcement - Cyber Crime Training

This course has been used in training Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement such as FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, US Marshals, US Air Marshals, Homeland Security, Inspector General’s Office to just name a few.


From Officer To Hacker

Learn how to think like a Cyber Criminal to better solve cyber crimes.


Hacking Mega Churches - Seminar

Mega Churches, Making Mega Millions Are Getting Mega Hacked! Find out if your church can be hacked or has been hacked.

Understanding HIPAA For Beginners

Start making money in the Healthcare industry.


Introduction to Victimology

This course presents current coverage of the seriousness of intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual assaults in the U.S. military,


Mastering Business and Entrepreneurship

This is an advance course in business, marketing and economics for students who have taken introductory business or hold a degree in business or management.


Parent Security

Protecting Our Children, One Child At A Time. This course will teach Parents how to protect your kids from cyber bullying, hiring the wrong babysitter, finding out what your kids are going online and much more.


Cyber Safety For Kids & Teens

In a survey by Parent Security Online, 98% of the teens from ages 10 to 18, said they would never meet a stranger they met online. This course will teach kids and teens that there are dangerous people on the internet that are smarter than they are.


Introduction To Leadership

NCS University believes that everyone has leadership qualities, but someone times it takes a Retired Army Colonel to help bring it out of you.


10 Things That Every Leader Should Know How To Prevent Getting Hacked

This course will teach CEO’s, President’s, Business Owner’s, Governor’s, Mayor’s and leaders of any organization about security threats that most exist within their organizations.


Lock Picking For Beginners

This Free course is designed to learn how lock picking works.